Impacting lives and the environment through easy access to clean drinking water and improved cookstoves

Our Story

From our factory in a chicken coop to the biggest ceramic filter producer in Africa

Kathy Ku, a young college student, spent the summer of 2010 in Uganda and was struck by how many people around her were getting sick from dirty water. Seeing that these diseases could be prevented, she knew there was a better way. SPOUTS was created in 2011 with the simple idea that ceramic water filters could be made and sold locally, providing an amazingly effective product through a sustainable business model. Our first factory shared the space with 200 chickens where it took us X weeks to create a single filter. Since 2011, we have increased our factory’s production capacity to 10,000 filters per month, diversified our product offering and provided 1 million people with clean water, clean air and clean energy.

As a social enterprise, we focus on reinvesting our profits to achieve sustainability and expand our reach. Our highest priority is ensuring our business is able to continue serving customers for years to come, maximizing the positive impact for households who use our products.

“In everything that we do, we focus on delivering high quality work and creating sustainable impact for our stakeholders”

Our Management Team

Daniel Yin

Chief Executive Officer

Hester Lanting

Chief of Staff

Michael Nimoh

Global Director Strategic Programs

Samuel Kinyanjui

Global Finance Director

Dominic Lyando

Global Production Director

David Ngarambe

Rwanda Country Director

Richard Mugenyi Kule

Uganda Country Director

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