High Impact Carbon Projects

Water filter project

Waterborne illnesses remain a leading cause of death for children under the age of five.
Thanks to the SPOUTS filter, households have access to clean water more easily.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 40% of Africa’s Sub-Saharan population still lacks access to safe water. In Uganda, 52% of the country does not have basic access to safe drinking water.
To fight this issue, SPOUTS aims to provide access to safe and clean drinking water through the production and distribution of ceramic water filters for households and communities in Uganda.

Prior to the use of filtration, Ugandan were using wood and/or charcoal on rudimentary stoves for boiling water in order to use it after. The project improves the energy efficiency of end-users practices and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions otherwise resulting from the burning of non-renewable woody biomass and/or charcoal. SPOUTS has also installed filters in over 500 schools across the country, providing access to safe water for over 50,000 students.
SPOUTS aims to provide 5 million Ugandans, or 14% of the population, with access to safe water by 2025.

Clean air, Clean water, Clean energy project

Acquiring drinking water is an expensive investment across Uganda, whether boiling water or purchasing costly bottled water.
For less than $30, a filter will provide a Ugandan family safe water for over two years.

Spout Water together with their international partners TASC (The African Stove Company) have partnered with the Tooro Kingdom to freely distribute 30,000 PURIFAAYA™ Ceramic Water Filters worth over UGX 3 billion to households within the region.

The Purifaaya ceramic water filters were given to the beneficiaries at no cost to ensure that the households get safe and clean drinking water, eliminate water-borne diseases, and also save the environment through the reduction of tree cutting to use as fuel for boiling water.

With my new clean cookstove, I no longer have to walk for hours to get large bundles of wood. My back doesn’t hurt anymore and I don’t get sick from the smoke.

Improved Cooking

We have deployed thousands of clean cookstoves across Uganda and Rwanda. The impact on the planet and the lives of the thousands of people in need – the rural poor – is immediate and significant.

Nearly 2.4 billion people cook their meals using inefficient three-stone fires, typically three-stone fires that burn solid biomass fuels, like wood & charcoal. They’re inefficient, unhealthy, dangerous, and a major contributor to carbon emissions worldwide.
Together with our Partners, we deploy efficient, improved  cookstoves that can be readily deployed to the people who need it – with lasting benefits for their families, communities, and the planet. And we’re deploying them at scale – currently over 1,000 stoves per month.
In the growing movement to promote the adoption of clean cooking, we are leading the world.

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