Clean air, clean water, clean energy project

We gave out Purifaaya ceramic water filters to beneficiaries at no cost to ensure that the households get safe and clean drinking water, eliminate water-borne diseases, and also save the environment through the reduction of tree cutting to use as fuel for boiling water.

Spout Water together with their international partners TASC (The African Stove Company) partnered with the Tooro Kingdom to freely distribute 30,000 PURIFAAYA™ Ceramic Water Filters worth over UGX 3 billion to households within the region.

The project lasted 6 months and each beneficiary household was trained about the Purifaaya ceramic water filter and how it works and also sensitized on how to assemble, maintain and clean the ceramic water filters to ensure constant use as well as to ensure that the beneficiaries don’t go back to the traditional methods of accessing drinking water.

The target beneficiaries were households that use three-stone fires to boil/treat their drinking water and those that do not treat their water before drinking.

Our projects have a significant sustainable development impact across climate, social, health, and economic empowerment, meeting up to 7 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Our projects are verified and validated through Verra’s industry-leading verification standards, and our impact will be certified through SDVISta, ensuring Verified Carbon Units are of the highest quality.
Through the installation and dissemination of Purifaaya Filters, SPOUTS reduces beneficiary exposure to IAP (CO, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PM, etc. aka Smoke) associated with biomass fuel-based traditional cooking. Target Indicator – 3.9.1 Mortality rate attributed to household and ambient air pollution
Through the installation of Purifaaya Filters, beneficiaries have long-term access to safe and clean drinking water. The Purifaaya Filters have a lifespan of up to 5 years and through the aid of gravity flow, the Purifaaya is continuously filtering water meaning the household has enough drinking water throughout the day.

The Purifaaya is a green product, an efficient and clean technology for the treatment of drinking water.
Target Indicator – 7.1.2 Proportion of the population with primary reliance on clean fuels and technology.

In the process of production to distribution of the Water Filters, SPOUTS generates employment for marketing/sales and distribution / technical/other employees.
Target Indicator – 8.5.1 Average hourly earnings of female and male employees, by occupation, age and persons with disabilities.

Purifaaya Water Filters reduce/eliminate the consumption of non-renewable biomass (wood & charcoal) by the beneficiary household by up to 100%
Target Indicator – 12.2.2 Domestic material consumption, domestic material consumption per capita, and domestic material consumption per GDP.

SPOUTS contributes to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions from the replacement of fossil fuel/non-renewable biomass-based water treatment to not boiling at all. This is the number of CO2e emissions reduced by the project per year.