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Improving lives, one household at a time


At SPOUTS we strongly value our impact, placing emphasis on the health, economic, and environmental benefits of our products.

As a social enterprise, we sell our products to end users, allowing us to sustain our production and operations while also ensuring that people have ownership over their access to clean water by investing in their own solutions.

We also work with partners and donors to provide filters and improved cookstoves at a subsidised cost or free of charge to end-users in settings such as refugee settlements and public spaces where affordability is limited. This model enables us to maximize impact all across all levels of income.

We have big ambitions – SPOUTS aims to provide 5 million Africans with access to safe drinking water by 2030, 15 years after our first Purifaaya sale. This would represent a fundamental shift in the way many Africans approach water purification and cooking. This will save thousands of lives, primarily those of children.



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“Annet Nakibinge, a counselor in Nakawuka, is one of 110,000 Ugandans who have gained access to clean drinking water since Spouts of Water was launched – she has been using the Purifaaya for five months. With a family of nine, she notes that boiling water every two days was both costly and time consuming. “Before we acquired the dispensers, we would boil water and strain it,” she explains.“We consume about 10 liters every two days” – or about one dollar’s worth of charcoal in a country where some 10 million people earn less than $1.25 a day.”

Clean Water for Refugees

Uganda is home to the largest population of refugees in Africa, many of whom arrive in the country with only their lives. SPOUTS works with humanitarian and refugee organizations (such as UNHCR and Oxfam) and has provided over 3,000 Purifaayas to households, clinics, and schools in refugee settlements.

COVID-19 Response

In support of COVID-19 prevention, SPOUTS donated 292.5 million UGX worth of water filters to the Ugandan Ministry of Health. 3,800 households across Kampala, Wakiso and Mityana were able to access safe and clean drinking water free of charge as a result.

Water Filters for Schools

SPOUTS has installed filters in over 500 schools across Uganda, providing access to safe water for over 50,000 students, both directly and through the support of partners such as Save the Children and Building Tomorrow. In addition to installation, our team provides training and engages with students, ensuring improved usage and ownership. The Purifaaya XL includes a small blue stand, which allows for ease of use by children. One Purifaaya XL provides water for 50 students, costing less than $2 per student.

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