SPOUTS seeks to provide safe water access through the distribution of Purifaaya to the over 10 million Ugandans that currently lack the essential resource of water.

Ugandans provided with safe water through the Purifaaya
1 Million $
Saved from using Purifaaya instead of boiling thus far
46,000 tons CO2
Saved through reduction of deforestation

Building Sustainability

SPOUTS attempts to circumvent the cycle of aid and dependence that many clean water solutions can inadvertently perpetuate. We manufacture a locally produced product that provides jobs to many local workers. Upon delivery, the small financial contribution asked of the end-user creates a sense of ownership, and using the Purifaaya allows them to save time and money that will enhance their family’s wellbeing and independence.

Fostering Local Partnerships

By working across many types of distribution partners – including savings groups, microfinance institutions, and retail outlets – we can reach all Ugandans regardless of their economic status and location. By creating a product with demand, SPOUTS bolsters the local economy and helps not only our end users but also our partners to achieve greater economic prosperity.

Filters for Schools

SPOUTS has installed Purifaayas, both regular size and XL, in over 70 schools providing access to safe water to over 15,000 students. With the help of partners like Save the Children and Building Tomorrow we can reach even more schools. One Purifaaya provides water for 20 students, costing only $1 per student. Donate now to provide water to schoolchildren in Uganda.

Water for Refugees

Uganda hosts over 800,000 refugees from surrounding countries. SPOUTS has worked with Oxfam and UNHCR to provide Purifaayas to over 300 households, clinics, and schools families in refugee settlements of Uganda and South Sudan. Donate now to provide safe water to refugees in Uganda.

Growth and Overall Vision

SPOUTS aims to provide 5 million Ugandans, or 14% of the population, with access to safe water by 2025, 10 years after our first Purifaaya sale. This would represent a fundamental shift in the way Ugandans approach water purification and would save thousands of lives, primarily of children.

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