Purifaaya Receives UNBS Certification

By December 19, 2023SPOUTS News
spouts of water UNBS Certificate

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15th December 2023 – In a significant achievement for SPOUTS of Water Limited, the largest manufacturer of ceramic water filters in Africa, its flagship product, Purifaaya, has received official certification from the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS).

The certification, granted after rigorous testing and evaluation processes, reaffirms Purifaaya’s commitment to quality, safety, and adherence to national standards. This milestone highlights the product’s excellence and underscores our mission of “Clean Water, Clean Air and Clean Energy to all Africans”.

About the Purifaaya

Purifaaya, a product of SPOUTS OF Water Limited, is a cutting-edge ceramic water filter designed to provide clean and safe drinking water. manufactured with precision and manufactured with the highest standards, Purifaaya has become a trusted choice for households, communities, and organisations seeking reliable water purification solutions.

Certification from UNBS

The certification from the Uganda National Bureau of Standards is a testament to Purifaaya’s compliance with industry-leading quality and safety benchmarks. SPOUTS OF Water Limited has consistently prioritized excellence in manufacturing, and this recognition further establishes Purifaaya as a reliable and certified water purification solution.

Learn more about the Purifaaya here: purifaaya.com

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